Re: [Gimp-user] Mac OSX 10.6.8 - GIMP 2.6.11

---- Ken Springer <snowshed1 q com> wrote: 
On 11/7/11 3:03 AM, John Thurgood wrote:
I have downloaded the photographic processing GIMP but cannot get it to
 > operate in my Mac computer. Can anybody help please?

To paraphrase The Rolling Stones, "We can't get no, satisfaction."

At my next Mac User Group meeting, we'll be having a presentation on Mac 
graphics software.  I'll be noting the lack of interest from the Gimp 
community in providing assistance.

A year or so ago, I couldn't get 2.6 to work under Win 7 Home Premium, 

FWIW, I've located another open source editing program, Seashore. 
Appears to be less powerful than Gimp, but it will do what I need.

Sorry for your "perceived" lack of response, but I don't have a Mac, so really can't help much.   
Likewise, I have no proof, but would expect that most of the users on this list are
*nix or Windows users.   

Also note, that while you give a "bit"(and by that, I mean a tiny bit) more information, 
the OP said "I have downloaded the photographic processing GIMP but cannot
get it to operate in my Mac computer. Can anybody help please?" to which a response 
was made less than a day later saying to the effect of "hey, you did not give us 
anywhere NEAR enough information to help you" and yet the OP has made no response.   

Also note that since GIMP does not create binaries for any OS, we have no idea HOW you 
or the OP installed GIMP.  If you installed via a binary distribution, the creator is probably 
the person to whom your requests for assistance should originate first.  The OP does not even
say that much... we have no idea if he downloaded a binary install package from somewhere OR 
if he downloaded the source code and just does not know any better that he needs to compile...
again, we just don't know because his request for help was FAR to vague. Typically, such 
issues (as noted by another reply) are due to missing dependencies that YOU will need to
fulfill, and sometimes, a person who builds an install rarely does so on a "fresh" build
and thus they may have some such dependencies already pre-installed(such as the a fore mentioned
X11 that Mac no longer installs by default.. or at least that is my understanding...which could
very well be wrong!!!!) or they installed for some other reason and did not know that it was a 
dependency(or even a->b->c->d->e for that matter!).   I know every time I rebuilt my machine, 
I have to spend probably 1-2 hours installing all of the dependencies "before" I can compile 
the actual GIMP package.  

What I do know is that I have seen a site dedicated to GIMP on Mac(they have the binary install 
package), and I would highly expect your "install/error" issues to get far more traction 
there than this list which is much more general and targeted toward GIMP functionality.

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