Re: [Gimp-developer] Update RoadMap page

сб, 30 июн. 2018 г., 15:33 Andrew Pullins <android2772 gmail com>:

There is no duplicate management of milestones. The Roadmap page is mostly
a PR thing, nothing else. No developers use it. There is no milestone
management there.

One thing that always frustrated me about the roadmap as a person who
occasionally wondered how things were going. Was that some of the roadmap
points would have bug reports hyperlinked while the features I was most
interested in or did not understand did not. With milestones, every issue
that would be attached to that milestone would be displayed. I would say
that half the interest in the roadmap is to see how far along development
is and the other half is to find out what will be in the next release/to
see what the developers are working on.

That makes 2.10 only 37% ready (while released), the now obsolete 2.8 only
8% ready, and doesn't even begin to cover the amount of work on 3.0 that is
untracked, because mitch et al. keep discovering ugly code as they go.

Given that, all estimations would be a lie.


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