[Gimp-developer] blocking fonts enumeration

Hi everyone, this is my first post to this list.

I've hunted all over the internet, but can't find any way to do what I need.

My question is, is there a way to prevent GIMP from reading system fonts, and to only read fonts from it's own folder?


I do a lot of flyer work that involves fonts. I have dozens if not hundreds of fonts installed for this.

I use an obscure plugin called GIMP Font Manager by Sean Bogie (modifed by MareroQ) to manage them, and it works great.

My problem is that no matter what options I use in the Font Manager, system fonts are *always* shown. I've tried deleting the bulk of them that aren't needed for system display, but even after that enough of them are persistent that it makes my font tab overrun with irrelevant fonts.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge!

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