Re: [Gimp-developer] Update RoadMap page

Le 29/06/2018 à 16:11, Alexandre Prokoudine via gimp-developer-list a écrit :
On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 4:46 PM, Andrew Pullins wrote:
Would it be possible to move the roadmap to the Gnome GitLab milestones?

I don't understand how this would be done, exactly.

Preventing duplicate milestones management attracted my thoughts :

On there are big versions like "2.10.X"
these are similar to gitlab milestones :

And there are also so-called "features" like "High bit depths" or "UI themes".

As for now, gitlab's "Labels" are used mostly for metadatas aboug issues
but a new category and color of labels could be created to follow these roadmap features.

The whole point of the Roadmap page is to tell people we know and care
about the most important issues. It isn't meant to have every single issue

The "board" can later be used to follow specific labels or milestone

Another way would be to define subgoal-milestones like "2.10.X.HighBitDepths"
or "2.10.X.UIThemes" which would provide a global view in the milestone page.
That view would be a bit more detailed.


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