Re: [Gimp-developer] Segmentation fault during make triggered by Symbolic 64 gimp-texture.png


On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 3:35 PM, Elle Stone
<ellestone ninedegreesbelow com> wrote:
On 06/29/2016 07:35 PM, Jehan Pagès wrote:

Does this command segfault:
$ gegl ./icons/Symbolic/64/gimp-texture.png -o bla.png --
(on success it will create a bla.png, inverted from gimp-texture.png.
You can delete bla.png after)

Yes, in my patched babl/GEGL/GIMP that command segfaults on gimp-texture.png
(which doesn't have an alpha channel), but not on gimp-frame.png (which does
have an alpha channel). Thanks! for sharing that command - it allowed me to
figure out which commit I made to my patched GEGL that introduced the

No prob. This is actually simply the command our makefiles run to
invert the symbolic icons (to create the inverted symbolic).

As far as default babl/GEGL/GIMP, probably the only relevant information is
that two of the pngs that are used to generate GIMP's new themes are not
like the other pngs, which apparently is not a problem.

Yeah, let's say it's maybe not clean enough and I may want to even
these all out in the end. But for now I let the icon designer work
more freely with the icon theme. No need to bother him too much with
technical stuff all the time. :-)

Also apart from the discrepancy of format, I don't think that's
actually much a problem (nobody will see any usage difference).

So my apologies for
the noise on the mailing list!

No problem.



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