[Gimp-developer] Building and Compiling gimp under Windows

Hi gimp masters,

I'm new in hacking the gimp. I spend a couple of days to get detail
information about modifying gimp program and customizing it as windows
application for my project, since it is a great and useful open source
image manipulation ever.
I googleing and wiki.gimp to begin this job, but I don't see any proper
detail guidance and enough resources for hacking. Purpose is hacking by my
experiences and tools in hand:
My OS is: Windows 10 x64
expert in: Visual studio, dot net, C#, WPF and so on (obviously I can't
hacking gimp under VS).
familiar with: C, C++, Java
don't know about gegl, gtk+, babl and so on.
First problem correct load and successful build gimp-master source from git
in local under eclipse-cpp-kepler-SR2-win32-x86_64 or NetBeans.IDE.8.1,
while I use cygwin 2.874 for them.
Second, after build and compile how to get port it for Windows and create a
install file, do I use the IDEs still for this? how to modifying and
customizing gimp environment it's UI or create the other tools for my gimp?

I appreciate for any detail and step by step help to do this purpose.
Thanks in advanced.

Hashem Zavvari, BSc SWE.
Present, MSc SWE student at Research & Science branch of IAU.
Islamic Republic of Iran, Mashhad.

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