Re: [Gimp-developer] Segmentation fault during make triggered by Symbolic 64 gimp-texture.png

On 06/27/2016 08:08 AM, Shlomi Fish wrote:
On my Mageia Linux v6 x86-64 system with up-to-date GIMP git repo ( commit
5ca2794d400d9fe09afabc9bdee77520a61bc82a ) with babl, gegl and libmypaint
installed from up-to-date git - all unpatched, then "make" completes fine.

That put aside, "make check" fails.

I also haven't had a problem with default GIMP not compiling because of the pngs in the icons folder, so I was very hesitant to report that my patched GIMP seg-faulted upon reaching the grayscale pngs.

(1)The png on which "make" failed is not like the other symbolic theme pngs, being a grayscale png. (2)Changing the grayscale pngs to match all the other RGB with alpha channel pngs allowed "make" to finish.

Which suggests that perhaps the two grayscale pngs were really supposed to be RGB with alpha channel pngs, to match all the other pngs in the icons folder.

I know a lot of work has been done to make the new symbolic themes, so I though it was best to go ahead and mention the two grayscale pngs.


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