Re: [Gimp-developer] Pencil - Tool Options and Hardness

On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 5:55 PM, C R wrote:

Speaking as a digital painter (samples available upon request), I can tell
you the Pencil tool does not replace a pencil brush. In fact, the pencil
tool acts nothing like a pencil at all. :) Could re-name it the
"pixel-tool".... but it absolutely sucks at being a pencil in just about
every way it possibly could. ;)

Perhaps you could list specific characteristics of a Pencil tool that
would not suck? :)

If the general idea is to make the Pencil tool (more) useful, pointing
out existing deficiencies, then sketching a proposal would be a lot
more constructive.

Your input is welcome. It's important to find a good solution that makes
GIMP easier to use. Great ideas don't come from only seasoned digital
painters, so thanks for all your input.

So thanks again for your contribution to the conversation.

I'm not willing to get rid of it unless we can put the functionality
somewhere else.

This part of the conversation puzzles me. Elle is acknowledged
contributor to GIMP as per AUTHORS, but you aren't. So how come _you_
welcome _her_ input? And who is that "we" that can put the
functionality somewhere else? Am I missing a vital point here?


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