Re: [Gimp-developer] Pencil - Tool Options and Hardness

Have you actually tried to do what I outlined above?

Have you? lol
No - I haven't. It's not currently possible to turn off anti-aliasing on
the brush tool, so it's not possible to "test" it.
However, knowing how anti-aliasing works, your statement is incorrect...

The paintbrush tool resamples the brush when the pixel grid of the brush
is not perfectly aligned to the pixel grid of the image.

Yes, but with anti-aliasing turned off (which you can't presently), it

A perfect non-antialiased 1 pixel brush typically gets spread across
four adjacent pixels in the image, assuming you're working with a high
zoom level and don't specifically align the brush to the pixel grid of
the image.

I don't know why you would assume that. :)
It's incorrect at any rate.

Anti-aliasing IS what average pixels to spread over a 4-pixel block.
If you turn it off (which, again, you can't currently in the brush tool),
and a single click with a 1px brush fills more than one pixel, then that
would be incorrect behaviour.


The pencil tool doesn't do that.

              simon budig de    
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