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C R (cajhne gmail com) wrote:
Yes, it saves time if everyone reads the entire thread before commenting.
I'm guilty of this too sometimes, though, so don't worry about it. :)

You know, I actually reread, and I find the thread highly confusing.

It starts with the hardness-parameter in the pencil tool, then goes on
to how paintbrush is so similiar to the pencil tool, how the pencil tool
can get removed, then pat getting confused that "hardness" would be the
relevant property here (hint: it isn't), then brush presets and then
Americo (wrongly) claiming, that (currently!) "anti-aliasing" is the unique
difference between pencil and paintbrush. Which I disputed. Then you
proposed that a "pixel brush" (whatever that means - I read that as "a
1x1 hard-edged brush) would be an adequate replacement for the pencil
tool (And no, a brush alone can't solve this problem).

And now I am the one to blame for getting tetchy when all those weird
terms are thrown around and everybody seems to talk about different

You are describing the behaviour as "snapping". It's not snapping, it's
just not averaging.
The effect is the same, however. One click of the mouse, one pixel is
coloured in. It does not matter what you call it.

Ah, "averaging". Another term that yet has not been used in this thread
(I think).

What does it mean to "average" a pixel brush on a drawable?

And why is it not snapping when the pixel grids of the bŕush and the
drawable keep getting aligned to pixel borders?

The options for drawing a line in a raster image are generally either
2.Nearest-neighbor (aliased, or "snapping" as you like to call it. :) )
Ah, I thought you understood. Please go back and read the entire email

The fun fact is, that neither the paintbrush nor the pencil tool "draw
lines" in the sense of a line in inkscape. They just repeatedly stamp
the brush onto the canvas (or an intermediate canvas for non-incremental
painting) at certain coordinates. "Anti-Aliasing" in the sense of
"rendering a vector polygon onto pixels cairo-style" does not apply here.

So what are we talking about when we're talking about "anti-aliasing"
for the paint brush? Just the resampling that happens when the
pixel-grids of brush and the drawable don't align properly?

*It's not "rocket science" to do that either, or to understand that it's
not possible to show what the brush tool would do with no anti-aliasing in
I already know that the brush tool currently averages, this whole thread is
about adding a feature to the brush tool to replace the pencil tool.*

What do you mean by "averaging"?


              simon budig de    

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