Re: [Gimp-developer] SGO to WGO Transition

On 11/23/2015 04:50 PM, Pat David wrote:

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 2:23 PM Elle Stone
<ellestone ninedegreesbelow com <mailto:ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>>
    Well, now I feel silly - other than Wilbur and the download icon, I
    didn't realize that the items beside the other links were icons instead
    of placeholders.

Don't feel silly - you aren't the first to have this happen to them.
Which leads me to looking sooner at addressing the issue...

    Maybe the icons could be larger?

    Would color instead of just black and white maybe help distinguish the
    various icons, and also help better "brand" the GIMP website from one
    page to the next?

    Could the word "GIMP" and also the Wilber icon both be made a bit larger
    and more prominent in the navigation bar?

I'm fiddling with resizing those icons right now (as well as adding
other icons to balance each link in that header navigation).

If you had a choice, what size seems to work well for you?

I spent some time looking at home pages of websites for several major newspapers. I was surprised by the uniformity of the navigation/header area at the top:

* The row of navigation links are just word links, no icons.
* There's a large identifying icon, like Wilber is for GIMP, usually above and to the left. * The newspaper name is in larger font usually above the row of links but sometimes to one side.

I'm not saying that GIMP's website should match those large commercial websites just because they are large commercial websites.

But it *might* be worth experimenting with eliminating the icons from the navigation bar, and just using them in the footer navigation. That would make the row of links in the header navigation bar less crowded and allow room for a larger Wilbur icon.

Reserving the navigation icons for the footer navigation would allow for larger icons without making the footer navigation seem crowded.

I can certainly play with color too.  I don't think we have an
"official" color scheme just yet for branding, but I'll see what
everyone else thinks too.

    Points of perspective:

    * Not everyone has great eyesight.

What do you do on pages that are rendering fonts small?  Everything
_should_ scale ok if you zoom the page in.  (This is not an excuse for
the small icons, just a thought).

On websites that still think 10-12px font sizes are sufficient for readability, I zoom in until the text is readable. On websites that think there's no such thing as a line of text that's too long, or think lines of text don't need any separation, I make the viewport narrower and zoom in. On some websites I just give up and disable their styling through the browser.

On your redesign of the GIMP website, you already use very nicely sized fonts and good line spacing and line lengths, so I don't have to do any zooming at all.

Speaking of zooming in and/or making viewports smaller, your home page design for the GIMP website very nicely flows and rearranges itself when the page is zoomed in and/or resized even to narrow widths.

    * At least on my screen, those icons are small and not very
    differentiated one from the other.

    * Properly used, color helps make things more distinguishable, as well
    helps to establish "yes, you are still on the same website".

    * A larger Wilbur in the navigation bar would be *very* nice. A more
    prominent placement of the word "GIMP" in the navigation bar, emphasized
    by some appropriate color scheme, also would help.

Let's see what we can do with fiddling with sizes and colors.  I'm open
to suggestions as well! :)

What color scheme will the GIMP 2.10 release use?


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