[Gimp-developer] SGO to WGO Transition

I'm afk for most of the day today, with sporadic phone connectivity.  I'll
do my best to address any questions.  Anything more complex will have to
wait until the evening here (-06:00UTC).

The new site SGO (http://static.gimp.org) is ready to be migrated whenever
it's needed.  I have also put a simple file as a news post for the 20th
anniversary.  It's a markdown file located in the source at:

/content/news/2015-11-18 20-years-of-gimp.md

If someone (looking at prokoudine) wanted to write an announcement, this is
the file to do it.  If you don't have the build environment up, feel free
to email me the .md file and I'll put it up this evening ahead of a

If you _do_ have the environment up to build, then notice that the file has
a "Status: draft" right now.  This will publish the post only in the
/drafts/ directory, and will not include it anywhere else in the site (or
news feeds) until you remove that piece of metadata, or change it to
"Status: published".

If there are any lingering things that need to be addressed (there are),
I'll get to them after we push the new site.  I don't think there's
anything that's a show-stopper at the moment.  If so, please let me know
asap, and I'll try to get it patched up this evening.

Thank you everyone who helped out and gave me (much needed) feedback!
Happy 20th, GIMPers!

pat david

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