Re: [Gimp-developer] SGO to WGO Transition


On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 2:23 PM Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>

You are asking people to trust that the GIMP website hasn't been and
never will be compromised and therefore it's OK to trust whatever
"stuff" that might be downloaded.

Nope!  I'm telling you that if you block certain types of content, then
don't expect the site to look 100% the way it was intended.  I'd rather if
you saw the typography and layout as I designed it, but have no qualms if
you want to be safe about browsing! :D

More importantly, the site continues to function fine without them (it was
designed that way).

Well, now I feel silly - other than Wilbur and the download icon, I
didn't realize that the items beside the other links were icons instead
of placeholders.

Don't feel silly - you aren't the first to have this happen to them.  Which
leads me to looking sooner at addressing the issue...

But comparing them more carefully to the Firefox placeholders, yes, they
do look like icons instead of placeholders.

Sorry... :(

Maybe the icons could be larger?

Would color instead of just black and white maybe help distinguish the
various icons, and also help better "brand" the GIMP website from one
page to the next?

Could the word "GIMP" and also the Wilber icon both be made a bit larger
and more prominent in the navigation bar?

I'm fiddling with resizing those icons right now (as well as adding other
icons to balance each link in that header navigation).

If you had a choice, what size seems to work well for you?

I can certainly play with color too.  I don't think we have an "official"
color scheme just yet for branding, but I'll see what everyone else thinks

Points of perspective:

* Not everyone has great eyesight.

What do you do on pages that are rendering fonts small?  Everything
_should_ scale ok if you zoom the page in.  (This is not an excuse for the
small icons, just a thought).

* At least on my screen, those icons are small and not very
differentiated one from the other.

* Properly used, color helps make things more distinguishable, as well
helps to establish "yes, you are still on the same website".

* A larger Wilbur in the navigation bar would be *very* nice. A more
prominent placement of the word "GIMP" in the navigation bar, emphasized
by some appropriate color scheme, also would help.

Let's see what we can do with fiddling with sizes and colors.  I'm open to
suggestions as well! :)

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