Re: [Gimp-developer] SGO to WGO Transition

On 11/23/2015 02:28 PM, Pat David wrote:

If someone is going to purposefully block content (whatever the reason),
then they should expect things to not look as designed (but should still
be functional).  I think we're covering that.

    Nice fonts are nice to see. But downloading fonts and such from another
    location to the user's computer does add to the weight and download
    speed of a page, and as "objects" they are going to be perceived as "not
    good" by security-conscious people.

Correct!  See above.  (If you are blocking stuff on purpose, don't be
surprised when it doesn't show up as intended).

Most importantly, the
site works without those fonts (though it maybe ugly).

You are asking people to trust that the GIMP website hasn't been and never will be compromised and therefore it's OK to trust whatever "stuff" that might be downloaded.

    Checking other browsers that aren't using Noscript/etc:

    I checked using some other browsers and still don't see the icons.

    Here's a screenshot of what I see in four different browsers - top to
    bottom the browsers are Rekonq, Konqueror, Opera, and Firefox:

I don't understand.  All of the screenshots except for the last one (FF)
show the font icons just fine?  That's what it looks like to me.

Well, now I feel silly - other than Wilbur and the download icon, I didn't realize that the items beside the other links were icons instead of placeholders.

But comparing them more carefully to the Firefox placeholders, yes, they do look like icons instead of placeholders.

Maybe the icons could be larger?

Would color instead of just black and white maybe help distinguish the various icons, and also help better "brand" the GIMP website from one page to the next?

Could the word "GIMP" and also the Wilber icon both be made a bit larger and more prominent in the navigation bar?

Points of perspective:

* Not everyone has great eyesight.

* At least on my screen, those icons are small and not very differentiated one from the other.

* Properly used, color helps make things more distinguishable, as well helps to establish "yes, you are still on the same website".

* A larger Wilbur in the navigation bar would be *very* nice. A more prominent placement of the word "GIMP" in the navigation bar, emphasized by some appropriate color scheme, also would help.


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