Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp on Steam

Ofnuts (ofnuts laposte net) wrote:
Your reasoning seems to imply that Steam will become the sole source for
Gimp downloads, while as I understand it it will only be an additional
source. Making Gimp available on Steam would not be pushing people towards
Steam, it would make Gimp more easily visible/available to those people with
a Steam account. And let's be modest here, Steam has 65 millions active
users, they don't need Gimp to be popular :)

I am fully aware that there will be other gimp sources than steam and I
am fully aware that the success of Steam does not depend on gimp.
However, That doesn't have - as far as I can see - any effect on my

As for "pushing": I did not use that word in my mail. However, it is
easy to imagine that gimp availability on steam might convince people to
create an account, if only for the oh-so-convenient auto-updates. And
immediately we are in the situation I use as the base for my


              simon budig de    

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