Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp on Steam

On 03/06/2014 09:01 PM, Simon Budig wrote:
Secondly I believe that we have a certain responsibility towards the
privacy of our users. By using Steam we are encouraging people to create
an account there, provide download statistics as well as (to an unknown
extent) usage data. We let them generate marketing data for Valve, which
they can use to targeted offerings to their users, depending on their
documented gimp download.

If Gimp is the reason why someone creates a steam account: do we want to
accept this responsibility? I know that I am preaching to my friends and
family about how to use adblock and reducing the data footprint in the
net. For myself I am going through a lot of troubles to minimize me
being a data source as well as being locked into certain technologies.

Your reasoning seems to imply that Steam will become the sole source for Gimp downloads, while as I understand it it will only be an additional source. Making Gimp available on Steam would not be pushing people towards Steam, it would make Gimp more easily visible/available to those people with a Steam account. And let's be modest here, Steam has 65 millions active users, they don't need Gimp to be popular :)

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