Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp on Steam

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Christopher Curtis <ccurtis0 gmail com>wrote:

Speaking strictly as a reader of the mailing list, the GIMP project is
woefully understaffed. Putting GIMP into the hands of tens of thousands of
users who are probably not on the primary platform (i.e. Linux) may siphon
off valuable developer resources.

In what way?

If so, would distribution though Stream attract sufficient volunteers to
offset this cost?

There's no way to answer that question.  Is it a loaded question?  Assuming
you're asking "what kind of community is Steam?"  The answer is it is
mostly and end-user community with a surrounding game modding community
(many of whom use GIMP for textures in their mods).  In what way does that
make a difference in how GIMP is developed?  I don't think it makes a
difference.  We *might* see more users participating on the mailing list
which is a good thing IMO.  GIMP has always been users supporting users
with occasional input from devs.  Adding an additional distribution avenue
would not change that.

What would be the consequences if a Steam user downloaded GIMP only to find
out that it's still mostly an 8-bit graphics engine? E.g. negative press.
And again, would this motive people to chip in if so?

Re: negative press due to 8-bit graphics?  This is a well known issue.
Most photography blogs who do a comparison including GIMP cite that as a
con.  I don't see how adding more users (or not adding them) would change
that.  When a new release is issued it will come with a news update like it
would on the GIMP website.  Again, your last question is so abstract it is
impossible to answer.

I don't really see these as valid concerns.  If you have questions that can
actually be answered without here-say then I'll attempt to address them.


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