Re: [Gimp-developer] Blend Tool UI

I like the idea of shaped gradients being handled in the Blend Tool. If the length of the stroke determines 
the maximum distance from the selection boundary, it would provide a quick means of stroking the selection or 
creating shadows and highlights with interactive control of the thickness.

With regard to moving the blend stroke, I think that ALT+drag should be required, to be consistent with the 
behavior of the Vectors Tool. For further consistency with the Vectors Tool, CTRL-drag on the blend stroke 
should add a new stop and then repositioning all the stops while dragging. With no modifier key pressed while 
dragging along the blend stroke, no new stop should be created and the existing stops should repositioned 
based on the drag. 

Any mouse drags that are not on the blend stroke or its endpoints should result in the existing blend being 
committed and a new one commenced. However, a mouse click by itself that is not on the blend stroke or one of 
its endpoints should result in just the blend being committed. 

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