Re: [Gimp-developer] Blend Tool UI

On  29.6.2014 at 11:19 PM Ofnuts wrote:

I'm not convinced that shape bursts still need a complicated UI.


Once you have a nice clean black-to-white linear fill you
can always use the Levels or Curves (or a gradient map) on it to achieve
whatever you want.

How would you bend and distort a straight linear fill (i.e. from
left to right) to make it fit into an arbitrary shape with
the Levels or Curves tool? They are Color tools and all
they can do are tonal corrections. In our case they can only shift
the gradient a bit more to the left or right or make it wider or slimer.

I think in the context of gradient fill these tools
a) don't meet the needs (see above),
b) they add an extra step. Modifying a linear, circular etc.
gradient with handles, but other gradient shapes with the Color tools
is simply confusing. Extra steps also impede the users in working
fastly. Therefore Color tools can be taken as optional step for fine
tuning a gradient, but never be part of the default filling workflow.

I also agree that too many options are more confusing than helpful,
but let's not drop useful functionality.

Kind regards,


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