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On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 6:18 PM, Elle Stone
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On 06/02/2014 11:32 AM, Michael Schumacher wrote:

Von: "Elle Stone" <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>

I've shown several people how to build GIMP from git.

Was there a special part they needed help with?

No. They just wanted the quickest, easiest way to compile GIMP from git. I
sent they my "cheat sheet" of commands and referred them to the article if
any of the commands on the cheat sheet didn't make sense.

Like some others here, I don't really get it. I never had any problem
with GIMP compilation. GIMP uses the very common tryptic of all GNU
projects (and most Free Software): ./configure && make && make install
It has some dependencies, especially when compiling the git version,
but they all follow the same 3-command method. I just don't get what
is difficult with this.
Note that I don't say this is flawless and there can't be any issue
during building, but when that happens, that's a bug in the
compilation process (and by itself, fixing this can be a very valid
patch). In any cases *usually* this works perfectly. This is the most
common compilation process ever. How can this be considered a barrier
for contribution?
I don't even understand how anyone may want more than what is already
in the INSTALL file (which is already quite complete)...

All projects with huge contribution rate have the *very exact* same
compilation process (or a very similar one).


I've read the build guide you posted yesterday, and was a bit confused by

Two years ago, when I wrote that article, it took me several days of
trawling the internet before I succeeded in putting together a set of
commands for building GIMP from git. I didn't consider that time well-spent,
and I was hardly a newbie at Linux, the command line, or building software
from source.

I wrote the article mostly to remind myself what the steps are. Also a lot
of people on the GIMP user list were complaining about 2.8, so I thought it
would be neat to figure out how to install 2.6, 2.8, and 2.9 all at once.

If I were writing the article today, I'd write it differently. I wasn't
putting it forward as a model of clarity but rather in case there were parts
someone wanted to use.

I think the Calligra build instructions are in fact a model of clarity and
would make an excellent template for writing up how to build GIMP from git.

Regarding said build instructions:

- the approach as described in e.g. Martin Nordholt's blog
works fine for me
   I've never ever had to remember to set  environment variables again

Two years ago I did find the Nordholt article but I couldn't figure out what
he meant by "". I still can't. Looking at, perhaps the line:

export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I $PREFIX/share/aclocal $ACLOCAL_FLAGS"

has something to do with ""?

So I followed Shallowsky's and Lightning's instructions instead.

Getting the dependencies is:

- easy on reasonably recent Linux distros (apt-get build-dep, zypper -d,

The Calligra build instructions have a nice set of "how tos" for the
dependencies for the most popular Linux distros. This is a nice touch
because it does vary from distro to distro. Not everyone already knows about
these commands.

Where OpenHatch will provide the most benefit:

- enable user to discover that there is something beyond the icons of the
desktop environment, for example a command line interface
- enable users to get to the point where building any software or
documentation, including babl, gegl, gimp, the gimp user manual, plug-ins,
..., becomes a no-brainer
   - i.e. understanding messages like "needs libfoo..." and make it become
"ahhh, I'll just get it from my the package management"

It's not that compiling from source is such a big deal. But why not make it
as easy as possible for people building GIMP for the first time? Maybe put
in a few sentences here and there explaining the obvious to people for whom
it might not be so obvious?


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