Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting contributors via OpenHatch

If you include in it the page from LightningIsMyName that it links to, definitely...

Call me cynical, but someone that needs really more detailed instructions will likely not have the programming background to be a useful Gimp developer. Of course I expect potential Gimp contributors to be somewhat "already-knowledgeable", at least in the basics of Linux application development. Lines have to be drawn somewhere...

On 01/06/14 20:39, Ed . wrote:
Are you saying you think that's well-publicised?

Are you saying you think keen people who can program will generally be able to follow this, because it's a simple cook-book recipe to build from git?

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On 29/05/14 22:27, Ed . wrote:
There aren't any formal barriers to contributing to GIMP. There are definitely some formidable (ha!) barriers in the practical sense. Until we provide a clear step-by-step guide (on say Debian) to getting GIMP compiled from git, only the most highly-motivated and already-knowledgeable people will be *able* to contribute.

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