Re: [Gimp-developer] File name in status bar but not in window title bar - bug?


Your problem with text in title bar in ICEwm might be either GIMP
version issue or wrong configuration of ICEwm and Xorg.
I use ICEwm by startx/xinit on laptop. All programs, including GIMP
2.6 display text in titlebar. On PC i use ICEwm, with KDM and GIMP 2.8
and i do have text in title bar. GIMP in KDE also displays text in

My configuration is mostly done by Debian developers - i use packages
from their repository. System encoding set to utf8.
I used to have issues in other programs and ICEwm because of encoding.
Whenever system, Xorg and software were not configured to the same
encoding, ICEwm tend to behave "strange".
(In my area one can expect iso8859-2, cp1250 and sometimes cp1251 &
iso8859-1 - we use this characters and menus tend to miss either
characters or whole items). NLS flag might be responsible for such
problems afaik it deals with encoding too.

Hope You'll find what cause the problem.
Good Luck

Dominik Tabisz

2014-02-27 17:55 GMT+01:00 Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com>:
On 02/27/2014 10:21 AM, Elle Stone wrote:

On 02/27/2014 10:03 AM, Jonathan Crowe wrote:

I'm using AwesomeWM. With Gimp 2.9.1 from git I see the image icon and
text in the title bar in single-window mode and traditional mode, as
well as the file name in the status bar. The text in the title bar
includes the image name, mode, imported tag and image pixel dimensions.
I use light dm if that has any relevance!


Thanks! I'll try AwesomeWM and see what happens.

Jonathan and Karl, thanks very much for letting me know that you can see
text in the title bar. Knowing that other people could see text in the title
bar was an incentive to find a solution.

Thinking back, I've never seen text in the GIMP image window title bar. Even
in single window mode, there was no text in the title bar.

I upgraded IceWM to 1.3.8 and added the "nls" (native language support) use
flag because of Michael Schumacher's suggestion of an encoding problem (not
sure if nls is relevant to encoding or not).

Either upgrading or adding the nls flag did the trick and now the image
window has the file name in the title bar.


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