Re: [Gimp-developer] File name in status bar but not in window title bar - bug?

Does anyone using a minimal window manager (or any other window manager) 
see text in the title bar? If so, which minimal window manager are you 
using? I "startx" at the command line, which starts IceWm because it's 
hard-coded in a config file (no *dm), so it would be nice to know which 
minimal window manager is worth trying.

I'm using AwesomeWM. With Gimp 2.9.1 from git I see the image icon and
text in the title bar in single-window mode and traditional mode, as
well as the file name in the status bar. The text in the title bar
includes the image name, mode, imported tag and image pixel dimensions.
I use light dm if that has any relevance!


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