Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp on Steam

El dom, 09-02-2014 a las 20:20 +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine escribió:
On Feb 09 2014, 19:25 Gez wrote:

GIMP is way beyond the stage of getting exposure and growing a userbase.

I have some very serious doubts about that :)

What I meant is that "exposure" is something GIMP already has. It
doesn't have a huge userbase because people don't choose it, not because
they ignore its existence.
Considering the product vision, I'd say that an important part of the
target audience doesn't choose it because some of its limitations.
Fortunately those limitations are being addressed, but developer time is
required for that to happen, hence...

The attention should be put on making it better and more suitable to its
target audience, and that requires devolopers and a lot of work, and I
doubt that Steam (or any other non-free distribution channel) can make
any difference in that regard.

That's apples and oranges :) Developers and packagers are not the same
people in the GIMP team. I'm slightly concerned about how distributing
GIMP through Steam is going to affect packagers, but I'm not worried
about developers at all in that regard.

Yes, you're right and again I didn't express myself with clarity.
In my head :-p the logic was: perhaps making GIMP comply with the
requirements of Steam does require some developer work.
I'm no sure about this, but what about input devices? It will be ok to
include a program which is basically controlled by
keyboard/mouse/drawing tablet in a computer intended to work as a game
console, or will they require the program to work with their controller?

Blender and Krita developers seem to be willing to push their programs
in Steam, so I wouldn't be surprised if they devote some resources to
make it happen.
Something that doesn't seem to be the case for GIMP, and that wouldn't
report a real benefit to the project.


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