[Gimp-developer] Current maintainers of GIMP


due to some [Git infrastructure changes] I decided to check
and update the gimp.doap, AUTHORS and MAINTAINERS files
and in succession update the maintainers list on our website.
I found that Sven Neumann is still referred to as current
GIMP maintainer. The last signs I notice of Sven from the
history are a post on this list in May 2011 and a commit on

Sven - with all my honest respect for your work - are you
still active in the project and want to be referred to as
a GIMP maintainer?

The DOAP file already contains Michael Schumacher as GIMP
Schumaml, would you agree if I also took you as maintainer
to AUTHORS, MAINTAINERS and the maintainers list on the website?

In our git repository the changes would affect GIMP master,
not 2.8. The changes on the website would happen asap.
If you have better ideas, then let me know.

Kind regards

Sven Claussner

[Git infrastructure changes]:

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