changes and new doap file requirements

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André Klapper suggested we should make more use of the doap files. As a
result of that together with GUADEC, the following changes have been
made on

1. New categories: Core, Core Apps, Apps
   Note: Not every module has been put into right category. If you spot
   errors, please let release-team gnome org know. I'm planning to add
   some cross checks in the release team scripts to ensure everything
   is and stays aligned.

2. "Owner" field shows programming language
   This is taken from the programming-language field in the doap file.
   You can specify multiple programming languages. Piotr Drąg and André
   Klapper ensured that most Core/Core Apps/Apps modules have these
   fields. This should make it easier for someone to suggest a good up
   to date overview of modules to start off with.
   Note: Unfortunately cannot rename the "Owner field" into programming
   language ☹

3. Stats per week/month/quarter/year
   e.g. Matthias Clasen apparently does most gtk+ commits.

To ensure that the doap file can be used for more purposes, the
following additional fields are now mandatory for Core/Core Apps/Apps

- programming-language
- description

DOAP files are only checked when you change them. Changes are reflected
almost immediately.

For the full details behind these DOAP files, see:

Aside from above I also slightly changed the header
(e.g. shows RecentChanges+Schedule again). The Schedule is IMO quite

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