Re: [Gimp-developer] 32 bit bmp files again


To add to my question thread myself; I can load the file into Paint,
but if
I try to save it, Paint says '24 bit' only (has no 32 bit option) and
if I
save that, it's the same size.  If I save from Gimp to 24 bit it's
15K.  If
I save from Gimp to 32 bit it's 20K.  so whan I save in Paint, and it
'24 bit' it saves to 20 K file.

First, keep in mind that most of bmp files in the wild are in an old version of the format that doesn't 
properly support transparency through that alpha channel (4th byte). That's what you are trying to do right? 
See for example for the "load" side of the issue. And a lot 
of software don't handle latest versions of the format (firefox for instance).

That said, Windows should be able to load any BMP image exported by GIMP, so it could be a bug in GIMP. 
Please, open a bug report on bugzilla and add there the exported image, the steps and options you used to 
produce that exported image, and the chunk of code using the Windows API that fails to load the image. If 
that is possible, please.

Kind regards,


On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 1:58 PM, Todd Marshall <tamnt54 gmail com>

I know this is an old topic but I am having trouble, producing 24
bit .bmp
files is good. If I add alpha layer and save (export) to .bmp, it's
good. (to save 32 bit pixel image) Windows API simply will not load
file. I've tried changing 'save colorspace information' and this
does not
Any fix? I guess I have to try a different program.  Don't need any
special functionality, just a 32 bit file that the windows api can
(the LoadImage() api function in win32)

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