Re: [Gimp-developer] Documentation on color spaces

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 10:32 PM, Elle Stone <l elle stone gmail com> wrote:

On 10/9/13, Rolf Steinort <info meetthegimp org> wrote:
On 09.10.2013 15:20, Elle Stone wrote:
If my Guide seems useful to developers, I'll put the content under an
applicable license so it can be hosted elsewhere and modified by other
Please do that! I'll make a video from it (well, parts of it, as usual
with the books also.... ;-) )

I'm sure "adding documentation" is like "adding code" - it doesn't
happen automagically. But if anyone wants to put (all or portions) of
the Guide somewhere in Gimp documentation, I can supply a PDF or a
latex file, or plain text, or whatever is convenient. And if having
the Guide also on my website presents a conflict of some sort (I don't
know how these things are supposed to work), I can remove the Guide
from my website altogether.

You are a skilled writer; you've got some home turf advantage though.
Combined with your color knowledge you are be much more well suited to
clarify what the babl format strings we keep using in GIMP mean, as well as
how it fits into our overall scheme of things in current and future GIMP.
What you do not understand; we might not quite understand ourselves yet

The babl README/website, our lowest level of developer documentation
relevant to this hasn't seen much improvement during the last half decade
or so. This is generated from some static html in the docs directory of the
source code in git. One could almost start with a link to your current
write-up. I see no problem in the content our alternate versions of the
content being used different places.

I haven't considered the license of the documentation of babl/gegl
separately from the project code itself before. But do not see a problem
with including self-contained bits/chapters under a create-commons license;
or some other compatible license on their websites.


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