Re: [Gimp-developer] Documentation on color spaces

On 09.10.2013 22:32, Elle Stone wrote:
On 10/9/13, Rolf Steinort <info meetthegimp org> wrote:
On 09.10.2013 15:20, Elle Stone wrote:
If my Guide seems useful to developers, I'll put the content under an
applicable license so it can be hosted elsewhere and modified by other
Please do that! I'll make a video from it (well, parts of it, as usual
with the books also.... ;-) )

Rolf, can you suggest an appropriate license?
I release all my stuff under Creative Commons.

I think CC is the best suited license for texts and images. Which flavour to take depends on what rights you want to keep for yourself.

CC-0 - the same as public domain in the US, everybody can do what they want with the text.

CC-BY - everybody can do what they want with the text as long they mention the license and your name. I am so full of myself to use that one. ;-)

Then there are the more restrictive licenses with "Share Alike", "No Derivates" and "No Commercial use". has a questionaire for making that decision.

CC-BY-SA is about the same as GPL, I think. I used that for some time but dropped the "SA".


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