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On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 9:08 PM, Sven Claussner <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:
Another thing we should consider is the license. The used symbolic
icon set is licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike License 3
(CCBYSA3). It is probably [incompatible with the GPL] used in GIMP
and could also be incompatible with Linux distributor approvals.
IMHO either the icon set and theme are relicenced under the GPL or we
need something else if we want to integrate them into GIMP.
The Darklooks theme uses the GPLv2.

Why would CC by-sa v3 *for themes* be incompatible with GPLv3 *for
code*? Do you have any information to backup this?

I know that the FSF says not to use it for code, but it says it is
good for arts though. And I think since themes are not "compiled in"
or "linked" to the code, there is absolutely no legal need to have
compatible licenses. I am pretty sure there are a whole bunch of Free
Software projects out there which use CC by-sa for arts (themes,
icons, etc.) and GPL for code. And we were even considering this a few
days ago on the IRC channel (relicensing all our brushes/pattern and
all other GIMP default data in CC by-sa).

I am no lawman though, so if you have more information about this
claim, ok. Otherwise from what I thought to know, there is absolutely
no problem to have CC by-sa for themes in our main tree.


If this is clarified: As the 2.8 branch is for bugfixes I'm for
integration into the master branch so the theme will be in the 2.10
release and who likes can use it in 2.8 anyway (both use GTK+ 2).

JEsuSdA 8) thanks anyway for your work. You did a great job and now
that we're further there's surely less work to be done. Keep it up! :-)

Kind regards,


[incompatible with the GPL]:

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