[Gimp-developer] HELP with SYMBOLIC icon theme for Gimp.


Few days ago, I saw the Alexandre Prokoudine post on Google+ about Gimp and Symbolic icon theme:


He said he downloaded the gimp source code and overwrite the main icons, then he compiled. This procedure is not very easy to do for many users, and these icons does not looks very well with some light window colors, so I started to create a separate and easy-to-install symbolic theme for Gimp.

I downloaded the sources from gnome-master git-hub and I started to work on this idea.

Some days later, I'm near to finish this theme:


I've working on new icons, improve some others, changing color to use the dark-gray used in Inkscape symbolic icon theme (I've working too and finished a complete theme for Inkscape yet), etc.

But, there are some bugs I want to solve, and I need your help.

I've been read the gimp documentation ( libgimpwidgets-GimpStock.htm ) to edit the imagerc file and load all the icons, but some ones does not load and I can not find the correct '' stock["NAME"] = '' entry.

So, please, if you can help me, I'll be grateful:

Here you can find the bugs :


A - I have the symbolic icon, but I can find the widget name to load the icon. Gimp allways loads this colorful icon and I can not change it. ¿What name has it?

There are no reference in libgimpwidgets documentation about this icon.

B - Same of A. I think solving A maybe can solve this bug.

C - I want to change this icon too. By default, gimp loads the desktop theme icon folder, but I whant to design and load a symbolic one for layers groups button.

D - The "eye" or "visibility" icon is designed and loaded on imagerc with:

    stock["gimp-visible"] =
        {"images/stock-eye-12.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
        {"images/stock-eye-16.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
        {"images/stock-eye-20.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
        {"images/stock-eye-24.png", *, *, * }

But Gimp loads the default one instead the symbolic. ¿It has another name?, ¿How can I change it?

E -  Same as D bug but with the zoom-follow-window button.

The code in imagerc is this:

stock["gimp-zoom-follow-window"] =
{ "images/tools/stock-zoom-follow-window-12.png", *, *, "gtk-button" }, { "images/tools/stock-zoom-follow-window-16.png", *, *, * }

But Gimp loads the default one.

F - Same as D and E but related with default-colors and swap-colors.

If anyone wants the icon theme, I will publish it when finish the job. Maybe you consider to distribute it with next Gimp release. ;)

jEsuSdA 8)

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