Re: [Gimp-developer] HELP with SYMBOLIC icon theme for Gimp.

Here you can find the bugs :

A - I have the symbolic icon, but I can find the widget name to load the
icon. Gimp allways loads this colorful icon and I can not change it.
¿What name has it?

There are no reference in libgimpwidgets documentation about this icon.

B - Same of A. I think solving A maybe can solve this bug.

C - I want to change this icon too. By default, gimp loads the desktop
theme icon folder, but I whant to design and load a symbolic one for
layers groups button.

D - The "eye" or "visibility" icon is designed and loaded on imagerc with:

     stock["gimp-visible"] =
         {"images/stock-eye-12.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
         {"images/stock-eye-16.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
         {"images/stock-eye-20.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
         {"images/stock-eye-24.png", *, *, * }

But Gimp loads the default one instead the symbolic. ¿It has another
name?, ¿How can I change it?

E -  Same as D bug but with the zoom-follow-window button.

The code in imagerc is this:

stock["gimp-zoom-follow-window"] =
       { "images/tools/stock-zoom-follow-window-12.png", *, *,
"gtk-button" },
       { "images/tools/stock-zoom-follow-window-16.png", *, *,
*            }

But Gimp loads the default one.

F - Same as D and E but related with default-colors and swap-colors.

Hi again!

Working on gtkrc I have solved F bug and improve the icons visualization.

Now, looks like that:

The bug D is almost done: eye icon has changed, bug when clicked, there are no "closed eye" showd, so, I need help to solve this.

jEsuSdA 8)

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