Re: [Gimp-developer] HELP with SYMBOLIC icon theme for Gimp.

El 04/10/13 13:59, Simon Budig escribi├│:
The bug D is almost done: eye icon has changed, bug when clicked,
>there are no "closed eye" showd, so, I need help to solve this.
I am not sure if I understand the bug: the default theme does not
contain a "closed eye" icon.

Do you see the default eye when the mouse button is pressed down? Then
apparently the stock icon definition for the ACTIVE widget state is
wrong for some reason.

Thanks Simon,

I was wrong! As you say, there are no "closed eye" icon when layer is not visible.

I was confused with Inkscape layers where a "closed eye" are showed when visibility is off. :P

Sorry!! :D

One bug less. ┬┐Some idea about other ones?


Thank you very much. ;)

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