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On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 5:43 PM, free wrote:
Well, if I could say something about creating gradients in gimp (as a
regular user), there are some issues that I think that can get the user
confused or frustrated:

- using right mouse button to change colors and to split segments:
Intuitivelly, I see the right mouse button as "more options" for anything.
Having to access the main funcions of the editor with right mouse button is
strange (and I just discovered it after reading a tutorial).
- not allowing the movement of the endpoints is a little frustrating. If you
want to extend the endpoint color a little, you have to create a new
- there's a color box in the gradient editor that is only for previewing
colors. It would be great if it could be used to change the selected segment
color. Have to use foreground/background color slows a little the proccess,
i think.
- a numerical input for the position for the segment would be great too,
just like Blender's ramp editor.

Well, maybe I am missing some functionality here because I never used too
much the gradient editor, as I did not knew the drag and drop from palette
as described here... My apologies if I addressed something that is wrong :)

In a nutshell, and that's my personal view, the gradient editing
should happen on canvas, much like in Inkscape (0.49 also places
numerical input for colors stops position on the tools settings
toolbar). And in GEGL-based GIMP a gradient fill should be

Alexandre Prokoudine

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