[Gimp-developer] Invitation to initiate a New standalone Paint Preview Application and Generic plugin!

Dear Developers




Invitation to initiate a New standalone Application and a Generic Plugin:

I am vendor manager of Pixel Studios Pvt. Ltd., a design agency in Chennai,
India, and we are catering our services to global clients.

We want to develop a standalone Paint Preview application based on GIMP
which is targeted at Paint industry.


The development is proposed in two phases :

Phase I : A stand alone Paint Preview application (on GIMP) where users can
upload image of a home, section image into wall, piller, ceiling, etc, and
then paint the house. Applying tiles on floors 

Phase II : Develop a Opensource Paint Preview Plugin based on the standalone
application source code which can be used by users from industries like
Paint, Automobiles, Tiles manufactuting etc.


The Phase I developers will be paid and the product will be
commercial/proprietary and mainly for Windows OS.

The Phase II will be opensource plugin development based on the Phase I


Please let us know your interest in our commercial cum open source project !


Thanks in advance J


Great Day!





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