[Gimp-developer] about that student work...

Tobias Jakobs asked me in a comment on the blogpost


‘What does this mean for the Gimp team? Is it a good idea to use one ob this to redesign the tool or does it 
need more work?’

I answered:

‘Good question. One has to value this work for what it is, student work from a class that ran one week.

‘One the one hand a certain part of GIMP—in 2012 seam carving—that has never received any interaction design 
thought, gets methodically worked on by 3 or 4 teams of talented designers. The results are a shot in the arm 
for GIMP.

‘On the other hand a week is very short and for the students it is their first introduction to interaction 
design. Thus the presented results are alway an _inspired_start_ but not complete and deep enough for 

‘To do the methodical student work justice, the logical next step is that experienced interaction designers 
take the work forward and create a for-production design.’

This is of course relevant to the SoC.

ps: I am blogging the results of 2013 right now.


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            man + machine interface works

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