Re: [Gimp-developer] about that student work...

Michael Henning wrote:

I agree; it would be beneficial for our SoC students to work with an
experienced UI designer.

I'm not involved in the SoC myself, but if an interaction designer
were to offer their time to help out, I'm fairly certain it would be
welcome. In particular, some people on irc have raised concerns about
how well the combined selection tool will turn out if only programmers
guide the student.

of course I can do this design, and that includes addressing
both user needs and developer needs.

but I do not want to have the same disappointing experience of
SoC as I had in the last few years.

in particular, I do not want to be confronted by either student
or technical mentor with the following:

- I did not expect the UI was going to be like this,
  so now we have a problem;
- the back-end is already fixed. no, we are not going to change it;
- I never thought about that, so forget it;
- first we going to put in some provisional UI, later we do your design

these are not just demands, it also comes with taking more
responsibility from the design side, basically co-mentorship.

when UI is compromised to make it happen, it better be compromised
by the designer, who can see _all_ the dimensions.

this is an invitation to start working again...


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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