Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Export Properties Not Preserved

El 20/07/13 13:59, Jason Simanek escribió:

You shouldn't have to press load defaults. Defaults should be used
automatically each time you export.

Since I am opening several different images, altering them and then
exporting, I have to click "Load Defaults" for each one. The settings
that initially show up seem to vary. Maybe they are somehow derived from
qualities of the image file?

Ahh, yes. Sorry, I forgot to mention. GIMP attempts to keep the best quality and don't screw the jpg files with a quality setting lower than the original. So, if your jpg had a quality factor of 95 and your new default is 93, it will use file's quality despite the default.
If your file had a quality factor of 90, it will use the default of 93.

That made sense when save and export where the same thing. Actually, it was me who reported the issue of GIMP destroying jpegs inadvertently (default quality setting used to be 85 with the most aggressive chroma subsampling, so overwriting a high quality jpg with such crappy settings was a catastrophe).

I wonder if that feature is needed now that save and export are separated and we have a more reasonable factory default for jpg.

I'm not entirely sure it should be removed, though. It's still useful to know if the original jpg had a higher quality setting than our default.

How many of [the images] do you process at a time to make a batch
feature necessary?
And if the number is high enough, is it really wise to work with so
many unsaved files at once?

Could you please describe your workflow and what kind of things you do
with GIMP that would make batch save/export useful?

Mostly it's for some kind of web gallery or a series of photos for
printed layouts (magazines).

Example #1
Website for a Diaper Cake maker (decorative "cakes" made out of baby
diapers and other baby-stuff. Gifts for parents with newborn babies.)

The owner has photographed 30 product examples. Each image needs to be
scaled and cropped to a certain format so they all match.

I don't really want to create a separate XCF file for all of these
images and the custom scaling and cropping that I do is not of use for
any other output. I just want to open them up, do whatever to each one
and then export them all to the same location with the same settings.
And move on.

I see. And I understand why you need batch exporting.
GIMP in its current shape doesn't seem to be the most appropriate tool for that kind of work. Now the question is (I'd like to know what developers and GUI team think) if GIMP should be tweaked for making that kind of workflows easier. The infamous save/export separation certainly made this kind of stuff a bit harder. In my oppinion (probably because my workflow was improved by the change instead of being impeded) you should try alternative tools for that work. Darktable seems to be an excellent choice for batch processing and judging by the example you just mentioned, I think it will fit to your needs perfectly.

I guess you want to do it with GIMP anyway. In that case, since I'm just a user as you, I think you should ask our devs and gui expert if they have some workflow change in their plans to facilitate that kind of tasks.


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