Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Export Properties Not Preserved

On Fri 19 Jul 2013 09:25:27 PM CDT, Guillermo Espertino (Gez) wrote:
It's still frustrating that I have to click "Load Defaults" each time
for every separate file I have open.

Check again, please. I don't think you have to press load defaults
each time.
If it's not using the default you saved automatically there's
something wrong.

For each separate file, on the first export I have to click "Load Defaults". After that, additional exports from the same file preserve the previously-used settings.

You shouldn't have to press load defaults. Defaults should be used
automatically each time you export.

Since I am opening several different images, altering them and then exporting, I have to click "Load Defaults" for each one. The settings that initially show up seem to vary. Maybe they are somehow derived from qualities of the image file?

I'm sure that wrong tab indexes can be considered UI bugs, so I don't
think anybody will be against discussing that and trying to improve it.

Okay. I will try to get organized and prepare what I think would be more useful tab indexes for these dialog windows.

How many of [the images] do you process at a time to make a batch save/export
feature necessary?
And if the number is high enough, is it really wise to work with so
many unsaved files at once?

Could you please describe your workflow and what kind of things you do
with GIMP that would make batch save/export useful?

Mostly it's for some kind of web gallery or a series of photos for printed layouts (magazines).

Example #1
Website for a Diaper Cake maker (decorative "cakes" made out of baby diapers and other baby-stuff. Gifts for parents with newborn babies.)

The owner has photographed 30 product examples. Each image needs to be scaled and cropped to a certain format so they all match.

I don't really want to create a separate XCF file for all of these images and the custom scaling and cropping that I do is not of use for any other output. I just want to open them up, do whatever to each one and then export them all to the same location with the same settings. And move on.

Thanks again for the discussion!

Jason Simanek

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