Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Export Properties Not Preserved

El 18/07/13 10:28, Jason Simanek escribió:

On 07/18/2013 01:05 AM, Guillermo Espertino (Gez) wrote:> Just save a
new default with the settings you want and it will be used
 > next time you export.

Well, now I feel dumb. Thanks Gez!

This certainly fulfills my need, but I find it odd that the only way to
alter that setting is from within the export/save dialog. But it's there
at least.

No need to feel dumb. I guess it's true that those buttons are not in the first place one would look. However, I think it's a smart place to put them: Usually you realize the default is not suitable for your needs while you're changing the output options over and over again (pretty much what happened to you), so being able to save a new default from those settings comes quite handy.

Apart from that, I think that having those options in the export dialog keeps us from having a too crowded preferences dialog, which is also a good thing.

In my oppinion, it's a reasonable compromise.

I still think the "Save All Open Files" feature would be cool, though.

Indeed. But again, for avoiding menus unnecessarily long and overcrowded, that has to be implemented in a smart way. Probably it could be an option for the "close all" dialog instead of an independent command in the file menu. And that would be only for saving, not exporting. Opening several files and exporting/overwriting them all is probably too specific and should be implemented with a plugin, not to GIMP itself.

Batch processing and export aren't kind the things I'd do with GIMP (basically because it lacks the tools for that at the moment, I'd use Phatch or even darktable for things like that) so, until GIMP has a user-friendly macro system, I don't think batch exporting is essential.

I mean, GIMP seems to be more oriented to complex manipulations rather than taking several images and apply repetitive tasks to them, and I don't think it's wise to work on several complex manipulations simultaneously without saving, to make "save/export all" necessary :-)

Of course, this is just an oppinion and I'm not saying your workflow is wrong. Just I think that needing that feature is probably something constrained to a specific workflow.


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