[Gimp-developer] Gimp Export Properties Not Preserved


Is there any way to set default JPG/PNG/whatever export settings? I am manipulating a lot of images right now and every JPG export involves changing the Quality, the Smoothing and the DCT method. Over and over and over. This happens with Export as well as using the Save for Web plugin (which really should have a way to specify defaults).

I imagine the work I am doing is a common task for Gimp users: opening multiple images cropping and changing those images and exporting each one as a unique version from the original.

Fortunately a lot of work like this can be dealt with by David's Batch Processor, but that doesn't address situations where you are altering each image file in unique ways.

As an example, Photoshop will remember whatever values you used the last time you exported/Saved for Web(Screen or whatever they call it now). It's fine if Gimp doesn't mimic Photoshop exactly, but it would be nice if the default could defined in the Preferences.

Another Idea! A feature that Photoshop doesn't have (outside of creating an Action): an "Export all open files" dialog could be pretty great. Allowing you to set – like DBP – the quality properties and destination directory all at once to export all open files. That would be AWESOME.

Thanks in advance for considering my question/workflow problem. I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find any satisfactory information with the usual methods.

Jason Simanek

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