Re: [Gimp-developer] now: project ideas, was: unified transform tool

On 2/28/13, Elle Stone <l elle stone gmail com> wrote:
One thing I wish Gimp had is a better eyedropper tool for checking
color values. That is the one thing, practially the only thing, that
PhotoShop had (and presumably still has) that I wish Gimp had. The
PhotoShop eyedropper tool simultaneously showed RGB, CMYK, and LAB
values, at user-settable 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit floating point
precision. Right now if I want to find a LAB value for a color I have
to export the image and open it with CinePaint or Krita.

The Krita eyedropper is an even better model than the Photoshop
eyedropper as the Krita eyedropper allows you to pick any RGB or CMYK
color space to read values in, not just whatever is configured in
preferences. That would be very useful for softproofing purposes when
preparing an image for export/output.

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