Re: [Gimp-developer] unified transform tool

free wrote:

I just installed the gimp 2.9 in my computer to see the unified transform tool. Cool!


I was wondering what are your plans towards the other separated transform tools - scale, rotate, etc. Are 
they coming together with the unified tool in 2.10 or they will be removed?

part of the design and its goals is that most of the other transform
tools are “removed” (see below); all will go except for rotate and
perspective tools, which will need to be redesigned as precision rotate
and precision perspective tools.

actually next month I am teaching interaction again and will give
my students the exercise ‘precision rotate and precision perspective
one or two tools?’ including of course redesigning the tools.

I will need some essential scenarios for that, beyond the obvious
photo horizon correction and getting verticals vertical. it must be
more complicated and the tool(s) should not end up as 2-trick pony(s).

about “removed”: I can imagine that instead of radically tossed out,
the removed transform tools will be simply (force-)unchecked to show
up in the toolbox by default, but still be part of the installation.

Also, the icon for the tool is final or another one will be designed?

I have not got 2.9 running at the moment, but googling screenshots
showed that the tool icon is at the moment totally not what it
should be.

also I see that the tool options have become the victim of bloat
in the meanwhile. it was probably all well intended. it is up to
me to work with the developer and clean that up.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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