Re: [Gimp-developer] pygtk automake problem

On 08/04/2013 10:41 AM, Burnie West wrote:
And I already had pygtk/2.0 installed natively.

But for some reason, even though the installation is in fact pygtk2-2.24.0, it installs in the directory pygtk/2.0 (Fedora 18), as I had noted earlier. I've very little experience with the configure script; indeed, little expreience with console scripting. But it appears the configure script cannot cope with this formulation, and I'm currently attempting to find out why.

As my current intent is to work on python plugins (a particular one in fact), building My-gimp without python support is a non-starter. I'd already successfully built babl, gegl, and gimp-2.9.0 about a year ago, but had disabled the python section (as lightningismyname had suggested) and dropped that path.

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