[Gimp-developer] pygtk automake problem

Hi -

I'm trying to build gimp with pygtk; got (AFAIK) all the current stuff.

But I'm hung up on the autogen.sh for pygtk.

I executed command
    ./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME && make -j4 && make install

System response:
$ ./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME && make -j4 && make install
checking for autoconf >= 2.53...
  testing autoconf2.50... not found.
  testing autoconf... found 2.69
checking for automake >= 1.8...
  testing automake-1.8... not found.
  testing automake-1.9... not found.
  testing automake-1.10... not found.
  testing automake-1.11... not found.
***Error***: You must have automake >= 1.8 installed
  to build PyGTK.  Download the appropriate package for
  from your distribution or get the source tarball at

I'm a bit reluctant to downrev automake for this --

My automake is -1.12.  What should I do?

  -- Burnie

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