Re: [Gimp-developer] Speak Selection Errors

On 09/02/12 02:20, Mukund Sivaraman wrote:
There's nothing amusing in sending a mocking reply to a person who is
unable to express clearly. It was rude.

>If you can't you'd better change the name of GIMP to something less
>offensive in case someone accuses you of having double standards.
Instead, because you prefer not to behave well with others even when
we point out your rudeness, unsubscribe from this list.


You don't have to share my sense of humour, and I don't have to share your over sensitive middle class ideas of political correctness.

Clearly, IOP,s command of English was not sufficient to have even noticed the joke if you had not been at pains to point it out. So if he's offended, it's entirely your fault

Take your moral lecturing elsewhere. I'm not interested.

This list is about gimp development not your moral world-view.
 That is an end to the matter.


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