Re: [Gimp-developer] Speak Selection Errors

On Sat, Sep 01, 2012 at 03:02:33PM +0200, gg wrote:
> >>>Going by what was written, it's likely the user is not a native English
> >>>language speaker.  Is it correct to mock him for that?
> >>>
> >>>		Mukund
> >>
> >>Oh. lighten up with the political correctness. Not speaking English is
> >>not a horrible birth defect we should all politely ignore.
> >>
> >>IIRC list rules require something approximating English language posts
> >>not unintelligible garbage. If OP cant put two words on the right order
> >>he should probably try Google translator or something.
> >>
> >>Until you pointed it out he would not even have realised the reply was
> >>not good English.
> >>
> >>Lighten up.
> >
> >Cut the crap, would you. There is no reason to make fun of somebody
> >because they don't speak proper english. This is not some political
> >correctness crap. I find it totally OK to make fun of trolls like
> >yourself.
> >
> >--mitch
> It wasn't trolling , I was telling OP that it was not understandable
> and  suggesting he try again, while being humorous at the same.
> If certain people here are too "correct" to find that amusing I
> again suggest , lighten up.

There's nothing amusing in sending a mocking reply to a person who is
unable to express clearly. It was rude.

> If you can't you'd better change the name of GIMP to something less
> offensive in case someone accuses you of having double standards.

Instead, because you prefer not to behave well with others even when
we point out your rudeness, unsubscribe from this list.


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