Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 1.8.2 for Mac (official?) Build

Hi Simone,

first of all thank you for your build. Unfortunately I don't have 10.8 (yet) to run your native version ;-( BTW: can you report that/whether 10.8 runs stable?

I've hacked on the sources and found a workaround for the bug which let plugin dialogs pop up behind the main windows. (well, it's more like a dirty hack, but it works quite well) I've attached the patch.

thank you!
Can somebody integrate this into the native build for OS X older than 10.8 and the Windows build, please? I'm willing to test and report back. We could perhaps close the bugs #678359, #676709, #677765 and #360106 then.

Finally, if you still want, I'll be back.
Of course we want ;-)

Kind regards,


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