Re: [Gimp-developer] lcms high bit depth update: now that it works, adding and improving functionality

So gathering the gist of this discussion, it would be useful to add
the code for 16-bit floating point and 32-bit integer to the lcms

And presumably if/when the lcms.c plug-in disappears, this particular
code could be transferred over (suitably modified, of course) to
whatever takes its place?

Where can I find the proper babl type for 16-bit floating point and
32-bit integer? And what are the corresponding gegl iterator babl
formats for images with and without alpha channels? Is there a list

>Going forward, AFAIK, the "image->mode->assign/convert color profile"
>menu entries should be removed from the lcms plugin, and everything
>automatically converted to srgb/R'G'B' on import.

Automatically converting an image to (extended) sRGB if it had the
wrong embedded profile would mean the image now has the wrong colors.
Likewise with automatically assigning sRGB to an image that doesn't
have an embedded profile, unless the image really is an sRGB image.

Also, presumably upon export you still need to give the user the
option to export to a color space other than sRGB.  The only time I
use sRGB as an output space is when preparing an image for the web.

Presumably converting an image to the "extended" sRGB color space
won't clip, for example, the colors in a ProPhoto image or an image
that is still in the camera input space. But exporting the image as
pure regular sRGB certainly could (and very often would) clip colors.


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