[Gimp-developer] lcms high bit depth update: now that it works, adding and improving functionality

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 8:04 AM, Elle Stone <l elle stone gmail com> wrote:
On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 4:11 AM, Tobias Jakobs <tobias jakobs gmail com> wrote: 

with all this changes and the recent work in git it looks very promising. Thank you and every one from the Gimp Team who help for this work. Could you perhaps give us short status update about what is now working and what is still missing?
The modified lcms.c plug-in code is now in master. The lcms.c plug-in uses LCMS2 (as does the rest of Gimp from git, thanks to Mitch and Laurent Martelli)

I posted a list of proposed additions/enhancements to the lcms.c plugin and would like some feedback on what to start working on next (http://ninedegreesbelow.com/temp/gimp-lcms-8.html). For instance,

*The code that displays information in the "Image Properties/Color Profile" box needs to be rewritten, and I'd like to know what information people would like to see in the box.

*V4 profiles allow internationalization, but I'm not sure how well it works in practice, so right now it is hard-coded to en and US.

*LCMS2 provides for error checking, but the documentation is opaque. It might help if I knew what kinds of errors users actually encounter in terms of faulty ICC profiles, etc.

*I haven't yet added in code that handles Gimp's 16-bit floating point and 32-bit integer image types. Are these image types being used by anyone?

*At present, the lcms.c plug-in only handles RGB images. I would like to add support for CMY(K), Gray-scale, LAB, and XYZ images. Are there any other higher priority candidates? Is there any reason why Gimp shouldn't be able to open LAB and XYZ images, at least to convert them to RGB and perhaps to convert them back when exporting? Also, I have almost no experience with CMYK and don't know how Gimp currently handles CMYK.

Kind regards,
Elle Stone

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